5 Reason Why You Should Go To TEDx Event

“TEDx is an international community that organizes TED-style events anywhere and everywhere — celebrating locally-driven ideas and elevating them to a global stage. TEDxevents are produced independently of TED conferences, each event curates speakers on their own, but based on TED’s format and rules.”

Here are the five reasons –

1. Motivation


We all need motivation in every aspect
of our field. No matter what is our aim we just need motivation to accelerate our dreams or aims. Tedx event will be a  best option for us.  Speakers are coming from America, Australia they all are billionaire they will motivate you. I can assure you your motivation level be at the top of the mountain after this event.

2. Inspiration


Speakers in TEDx event will share         their own story and inspire you guys. You may feel you can’t achieve your dreams but speaker in our event will completely change your thinking. You will definitely feel good about yourself and feel inspired after this event. We all need inspiration at some point of our life and this is  the best chance to grab the inspiration of the billionaires.

3. Self Confidence


There are some guys who are very talented but lack in self confidence. TEDx event will help you in building your self confidence. It will help you in future for getting your dream job. So guys come to our event and build your self confidence. Our speakers are the perfect example of Successful people.

4. New Ideas


TEDx event will help you in learning new ideas and you can create your own ideas after this event. Suppose, that you have a great idea but you don’t know how to make your idea practically possible. By attending this TEDx event your idea will get a wings so that your idea can fly and you can make them practically possible.

5. Biggest Event In The College


Yes, Cgcians this is the biggest event   that will be organized in our college. So, now what are you waiting for join our event in july and get a life changing experience. You guys will feel inspired, mind blowing and confident after this event. I can even make bet on this. So guys participate in this event and get a eternity experience.



Crush Of A Shy Guy (Mechanical Student)


It all began at the start of the 4th semester when I saw an unknown girl outside pharmacy block.She just blew my mind at first sight.Her smile was brighter than sun for me.Seriously I would give away thousand days just have one with my crush.She was not the 8th wonder for me .She was first and last wonder for me.Than being a mechanical student you really don’t know how to approach an unknown girl.


And one day at dawn time at around 4:45pm I came to know that she was living in the hostel. And that same day, she was sitting in a park of Block 1.And then I tried to know about her by asking my friends.And then one of my pharmacy friends told me that she was not from pharmacy block. And then 2 Days after that I again saw that girl and than I realized she was from BCA block.And now one of my friends told me her name.I was very happy that day.So now, I was knowing her name I checked her instagram and FB I’d but she didn’t replied me.Now my anxiety was killing me I was really dying to talk to her in college whenever I saw her.On 18feb 2016 (5:50pm) she was sitting near block 1. And I was standing with my friends we were 3 guys out there.2 of my friends forced me to go to talk to her.I was freaking afraid at that time but deep inside I really want to talk to her.So first time ever in my life I decided to talk to an unknown girl.So I started walking towards her and that moment everything stood still for me.My heart beats were getting faster as I was nearly leaning towards her.But when I reached there I came back right in front of her my shyness has again killed me.And few minutes later she started walking back to her hostel.And than one of my friends pushed me right in front of her and than finally I was going to talk to “My Crush”. I said to her “Can i talk with you for 2 minutes” She said no, I again tried “Can I just please talk with you for 2 minutes”, She just waved her hand and said go away.


I was laughing at that time but inside my heart was broken in pieces.It Was nearly like an end for me.I Cried when I reached hostel.Sometime I feel like that shy guys like me doesn’t deserve real love.Because of that girl I have started hating every Indian Girl.We live in a country where shy guys can’t even share their feelings.
I was rejected but I have moved on by this bad incident.
Thanks for your rejection.
Your rejection has made my life secure and better.
Now I’m a free soul enjoying this strange world.And now what I have is broken heart , friends that means world to me and my bright future.I hope the girl who is reading this will give a chance to a shy boy like me for sharing his feelings.

Alia Bhatt – From Foodie One To Celebrity One

“Someone Told Me That Their Are Angels In The Heaven But For Me Alia Is The Living Angel On This Earth”.

Screenshot_2016-01-12-23-08-33When Alia Was 15, She Liked To Eat Lot Of Food.She Was Foodie At That Time But Being A Daughter Of Great “Mahesh Bhatt”.It Never Actually Worried Alia That She Was Foodie.Alia Didn’t Have Any Interest In Studies But She Was Good In Acting.Alia Was Going To Be A Bollywood  Stars As Bollywood Flows In Her Blood And Veins.In 2011, Alia Bhatt Had A Turning Point In Her Life.Alia Bhatt Was Summoned For Shooting For The Film Of Karan Johar.But At That Time Alia Was Quite Fluffy For That Film.Film Demanded A Slim Girl That Alia Wasn’t.

Screenshot_2016-01-12-23-23-50So Alia Loses 15 Kilogram Weight For The Film.Alia Is A Great Inspiration To All.It’s Not Easy To Loose 15Kg Weight In 3 Months Unless You Are Alia Bhatt.The One Who Works Very Hard To Achieve Success.And Than Alia Had To Beat 300 Girl To Get The Film Of Karan Johar Which Alia Did.The 19 Year Girl Was Ready To Steal The Heart Of Millions.Finally, Alia Bhatt Was All Set To Make Bollywood Debut.


And What Happened Next Is History She Turns The Bollywood To Fire.Her Eyes Were So Irresistible In That Film.And Her Smile Is Enough To Enlighten A Broken Soul.And Soon Alia Bhatt Was Turning From Foodie One To Celebrity One.Day By Day Her Success Was Increasing.Soon This Girl From Mumbai Has Stolen The Hearts Of Not Millions But Billions.


Alia, This Is Caleb From Chandigarh Just Want To Tell You Just Be Yourself We Love You Coz You Don’t Know You Are Beautiful That’s What Makes You Beautiful.I Hope One Day You Will Read This……..




A Letter To “Sir Arsene Wenger”


Sir,I Think Words Are Not Enough To Describe The Greatness Of You.
You Are A True Legend The Man Who Breathes Arsenal Day And Night.
The Man Who Bears Pressure Every Season Due To Injury And Due To Some Plastic Arsenal Fans.


The Man Who Is Keeping Arsenal In Champions League Since 1996.
The Man Who Has Made Arsenal A Big Club And One Of The Best Side In The Europe.
The Man Who Left His Wife Due To The Fans Like Me.
The Man Whose Philosophy Can Never Get Wrong.
The Man Whose Technically Invisible.
Sir I Will Always Trust You Don’t Listen To Those Plastic Arsenal Fans Who Are Saying To You “It’s Time To Say Goodbye”.
You Are Still The Best Man For Arsenal.You Are Creating The Legacy That No One Can Ever Create At Arsenal.


The Man Who Created The Most Beautiful Football In The World And That One Touch Passing.
The Man Who Don’t Buy Superstars But The Man Who Makes Superstars.
The Man Who Just Know How To Get Away From Champions League Stages.
The Man Who Is Doing Everything For Arsenal Day And Night.
The Man Who Is Sometimes Unlucky, Sometimes Wrong But Always Bring Smile To Every Gooner All Around The World.


The Man Who Never Gives Up.
The Man Who Is Irreplaceable At Arsenal.

In The End I Want To Thank Jesus For “Sir Arsene Wenger”
Thanks Jesus Thank You Very Much.

From- Caleb

7 Time When Your Happiness Is At Top Of The Mountain

  • Passing The ExamScreenshot_2015-10-04-00-06-23

Yes Passing The Exam When Your All Hopes Are Gone After Seeing The Question Paper.You Thought You Gonaa Fail The Exam And Suddenly Some Miracle Happens AND You Get Passed.It Is One Of The Most Happiest Thing That Can Ever Happened To A Student.

  • Going On Date With Your Dream CrushScreenshot_2015-10-04-00-08-21

Few Words Can Describe This Feeling Or Should I Say No Words Can Describe This Feeling.The Girl You Were Dreaming Of Day And Night Suddenly Agrees With You To Go On Date.And Now You Are Going To Be Popular In Your Friend Circle.

  • First SalaryScreenshot_2015-10-04-00-09-37

Getting First Salary From Your Job Is One Of The Happiest Moment In Person’s Life.And Giving First Salary To Your Parents Makes You More Happier Because You Can See That Priceless Smile On Your Parents Face.

  • Dreams Converting Into RealityScreenshot_2015-10-04-00-10-22

Yes It Is True When You See Your Childhood Dreams Is Converting Into Reality.It Gives You That Happiness That No One In This World Can Give You.

  • Reaching Late At Railway Station And Still Getting The Train.Screenshot_2015-10-04-00-10-43

Suppose You Have To Go To Mumbai And It Is Very Urgent.And You Are 10 Minutes Late At Station From The Departure Of That Train.And Then You Heard The News That Train Is Still At The Station Then Your Happiness Is At The Top.

  • Going To Trip With Your FriendsScreenshot_2015-10-04-00-12-03

Trip Is The Most Memorable Part Of Your Life.Photos Taken In The Trip Will Live In Your Heart Forever.And When You Will Get Old Then You Will Smile Like An Idiot Seening Your Trip Picture.

  • Seeing Parents Proud Of YourselfScreenshot_2015-10-04-00-13-00

Yes This Is The Ultimate Happiness That Can  Send You At Top Of The Mountain.Seeing Your Parents Proud Of Yourself Is Everyone’s Dream.

Thanks For Reading This More Articles Coming Soon.

5 Things You Never Heard About Indian Football

  • First Asian Team To Reach Semis Of OlympicsScreenshot_2015-10-03-01-04-57

India first met hosts Australia, winning 4–2 with Neville D’Souza becoming the first Asian to score a hatrick in the Olympics and also making India the first Asian team to reach the Olympic semi-finals. They lost 4–1 to Yugoslavia, and lost the third place play-off match 3–0 to Bulgaria.

  • India Has Won Asian Game (1951)Screenshot_2015-10-03-01-05-04

Under the tutelage of legendary Syed Abdul Rahim India became the best team in Asia. The Indian team started the 1950s with victory in the1951 Asian Games which they hosted. India beat both Indonesia and Afghanistan 3–0 to reach the final where they beat Iran 1–0.

  • Mohan Bagan A.C (Achievement)Screenshot_2015-10-03-01-05-13

In 1889 India’s oldest current team Mohun Bagan A.C. was founded as Mohun Bagan Sporting Club.The major event that showed a rise in Indian Football was in 1911 when Mohun Bagan beat East Yorkshire Regiment 2-1 in the final of the IFA Shield. This was the first time and Indian team won a major national cup.

  • India Qualified For World Cup In 1950Screenshot_2015-10-03-01-05-24

India qualified by default for the 1950 FIFA World Cup finals as a result of the withdrawal of all of their scheduled opponents. But the governing body AIFF decided against going to the World Cup, being unable to understand the importance of the event at that time. Reason shown by AIFF was that there was the cost of travel, although FIFA agreed to bear a major part of the travel expenses, lack of practice time, team selection issues and valuing Olympics over FIFA World cup.

  • India Have Played Against Bayern Munich Screenshot_2015-10-03-01-04-04

Yes It Is True…  Bayern Munich Superstas Were In India On 10January  2012.There Were Superstars Like Bastian Schweinsteiger,Thomas Muller,Maria Gomez.Ribery And Robben On Indian Soul.It Was A Farewell Match For Baichung Bhutia.Though India Lost The Match 4-0 But India Were So Lucky To Face One Of Best European Side In This World.

I Hope Every Football Fan In India Knows These Things About Indian Football

More Articles Coming Soon

6 Reasons Why Indian Girls Are Worse Than Foreign Girls

This Article Is For The Girls Aged From 18-23 Coz Their Thinking Change Dramatically After Marriages.

  • Meantality

Screenshot_2015-09-15-19-43-42Well,If We Talk About Typical Indian Girls Mentality Then You Can Realise Or Think That Even Mentality Of Dog  Is Way Better Than Mentality Of Indian Girls.I Am Also Born In India But Here Are That Types Of Girls That You Will Need Millions Of Years To Understand Them.You Can Easily Understand A Dog In 1 Month But You Can’t Understand Indian Girls.They Are Just That Much Proud Of Themselves That They Think All The People In The World Is Wrong And We Are The Only Right Person In This World.And If Talk About Foreign Girls Then The Story Is Not The Same Foreign Girls Are Never Proud Of Their Beauty And Their Mentality And Their Thinking Is Way Better Than Indian Girls

  • Always Falling In Love With Slacker

Screenshot_2015-09-15-19-37-19Yes,It Is 100% True That Indian Girls Will Always Love Someone Who Is A Slacker.They Will Never Ever Love Someone Who Is Descent.They Just Want Swag In Their Life.Slacker In Punjab Is Known As “Fukrey”.Indian Girls Are Just That Much Fool They Love Being Fooled By Slacker.Slacker Are Those Guys Who Doesn’t Studies,Drinks Wine,Aimless Future And Acting Like That They Are King But In Reality They Are Nothing But Shit.And Foreign Girls Are More Intelligent Or You Can Say Blessed That They Always Falls With A Guy Not To Fool Him But To Love Him As Long As Eternity.

  • Love Playing With Feelings Of Descent Boys

Screenshot_2015-09-15-19-26-16None Can Deny Except Indian Girls That They Love Playing With Feelings Of Descent Boys And In The End Also Love To Break A Descent Boy Heart.I Know One Of My Friend Who Proposed One Girl Of My College He Was Descent Looking And Girl Replied To Him That “Apni Shakal Dekh Mirror Mein Pehle”…In English It Is Like “First Look Yourself In A Mirror”.I Mean This Is Just Ridiculous How Can Someone Say Like That And That Girl Is Now In A Relationship With A Slacker.They Doesn’t Want Or You Can Say That They Doesn’t Deserve A Descent Heart.

  • Best Deceivers In The World

Screenshot_2015-09-15-19-32-55Deceivers Are Those People Who Leads You To Believe Something That Is Not True.They Just Can’t Be Trusted.It Is My Humble Request For The Person Who Is Reading The Post Never Trust A Typical Indian Girls.They Always Hide The Things And Always Lie They Didn’t Even Speak Truth To Their Parents Also.If You Will Ask For A Phone From Girls Aged From 18-23 In India I Bet You They Will Never Show Your Phone.Suppose In 1 In A 100 Gives You Her Phone Then Her What’s App Will Have Apps Lock.

  • Grasping (Greedy)

Screenshot_2015-09-15-19-35-43Yeah Man It Is True,That Indian Girls Are Greedy In A Nature.If A Guys Can Do Shopping With Her And Gives His Lots Of Time And Lots Of Money Than They Will Be In A Relationship With That Guy.Suppose That If A Guy Stops To Do Shopping With Her And Stops Giving Her Time And Money Than They Will Find Someone Else To Fulfil Their Needs.So You Tell Me Is That True Love Or Love Just Based On Money.

  • Always Have Suspect In A Relationship


They Always Have A Suspect In A Relationship.Suppose That If  A Guy Is Talking To One Of The Girl In The Class Then Her Girlfriend Will Ask Thousands Of Questions Like “Usko Paas Kyun Gae” And “Hass Kyun Rahe The Baat Karte Hua”In English It Is Like “Why You Went After Her” And “Why Were You Smiling During Conversation” It Is Only Two Questions I Have Written Hear But In Reality There Is A Firing Of Questions.They Will Check Guys Fb I’d And Where He Is Messaging And How Many Girls Are Their In His Fb I’d.And Check His Mobile Cotacts And There Are Many More Weird Things Indian Girls Do.

At Last I Just Want To Tell You That Never Ever Trust A Indian Girl.Sometimes I Feel Respect For Those Guys Who Are In A Relationship With Typical Indian Girls.Take A Bow For Those Guys They Are Seriously Having The Burden Of Mountain.

Arsenal Are Back In Form

There Were So Much Criticism Before The Start Of This Match Against Stoke.As “Arsene Wenger Doesn’t Sign Any World Class Striker.But Arsene Wenger Shuts All The Criticism At The End Of The Match.From The Start Arsenal Were Breathtaking To Watch.They Created  Numerous Of Chances But They Were Just Lacking Finish.Arsenal Could Have Scored 5or6 Goals In Just 20 Minutes But Arsenal Were Unable To Score As They Were Denied By The Wall Known As “Jack Butland”

Mesut Ozil Was The Main Attraction Of This Match.His Pass To Find Walcott Which Eventually Led To Goal Was Just Insane.Ozil Was The Back Bone Of Arsenal Attack.Ozil Is A Type Of A Player Whose Presence Is unnoticeable But His Absence Is Noticable.We Can See His Absence In A Game Against Newcastle Where Arsenal Doesn’t Create Anything.He Is The Main Man In Arsenal Only Few Understand This Even Sometime Arsenal Fans Criticize Him.But This Is A Promising Season For Ozil And Arsenal.

And This Victory Was Even More Sweeter As Chelsea Lost To Everton.So Take A Moment And Laugh At Jose And Chelsea.Laurent Koscielny And Gabriel Paulista Were Like A Soild Rock And Francis Was Providing Shield To That Rock.

Santi Cazorla Was Just Amazing Today.Santi Cazorla Created 6 Chances In This Match And His Passing Accuracy Was 90%.He Is Really Joy To Watch And He Is Really A Magician.
Both The Striker Were On Score Sheet Today.Walcott Missed Lot Of Chances But He Eventually Scored A Goal From A Insane Ball From Ozil.Giroud Come As A Sub And Waste No Time To Make An Impact With A Pin Point Header.Arsenal head back into the Champions League with a trip to Zagreb and then face Chelsea at the weekend, with some confidence, and a better feel for goals, restored.
giroud yo
In the PL so far: Giroud: 2 goals

Walcott: 1 goal

Own goals: 2 goals

Ozil: 2 assists

Cazorla: 1 assist

Cech: 3 clean sheets

5 Reason Why India Is Not Good In Football

  • Dual Nationality Rule

Indian Government Does Not Allow Dual Citizenship In  India.It Is The Most Important  Reason That Our Screenshot_2015-09-10-22-39-41 Country Is Not Good In Football.Government Of India Decided To Grant Overseas Citizenship Of India (OCI) Which Most People Mistakenly Refer As ‘Dual Citizenship’.But It Is Not True.If Someone Has Got Citizenship In USA Then That Person Can’t Represent India.But In Foreign They Have Dual Nationality Rule.If We Have Dual Nationality Rule In India We Would Be Top Of The Mountain In Football.Take An Example Of Diego Costa He Has Represented Both Spain And Brazil.And We Can Take Example Of Adan Januzag Who Had Option Of Playing For England,Belgium,Albanian and Bosnia and Herzegovina But He Chooses Belgium.

  • Thinking Of Parents

Screenshot_2015-09-10-22-40-12In India,Parents Only Want To See Their Child Good In Studies.Half Of The Parents Of India Doesn’t Support Their Child If Their Child Want To Make Their Career In Sports.They Just Force Their Children To Study Day And Night And Then Join A Good Engineering College.We Can’t Be Good In Football If Parents Thinking Remains The Same.I Hope The  Person Who Is Reading The Post Won’t Force Their Child To Do Engineering.I Just Want To Tell That If A Child Is Good In Football Let Him Make A Career in Football.Don’t Stop Him..

  • Lack Of Infrastructure

Screenshot_2015-09-10-22-41-05I Think We Are Lacking In Infrastructure.We Are Not Having World Class Stadium In India. It Can Clearly Seen That Cricket Stadium Are In Every State Of India.But When It Comes To Football The Story Is Not The Same.We Don’t Have Any Single Word Class Stadium In India.How Can Our Players Be Good In Football If We Don’t Provide Them Good Infrastructure.It Is Impossible To See Development In Football If We Are Lacking In Infrastructure

  • Coaches

Screenshot_2015-09-10-23-59-48If A  Person Is Good In Football But  He Doesn’t Have Any Coach Then We Can Say That Their Would Be A Waste Of Talent.Coaches Are Just Like Candles Who Shines Player Life.But Sadly We Are Lacking Coaches In India.If We Look At England They Have Football Coaches Not In Every City But At Every Street.So You Can Easily Spot The Difference.I Think The Player Who Have Retired From Football It Is Their Responsibility To Coach Kids In Their Town.We Can Take Example Of China They Now Have Italian Coaches To h Teach Football.India Badly Need Foreign Coaches In India If We Want To See Development Of Football In India.

  • Money Problem And No Academy

Money Is Also Big Problem In Football.Yes It Is True.I Mean Just Look At The Salary Of Crickters And Footballers.I Think Footballer Not Even Gets 50% Of Salary Of Crickters.This Is Completely Ridiculous…And Story Not Ends Here Some Football Players Do Some Extra Work To Get Money To Survive InScreenshot_2015-07-16-19-39-43 is Nation.And At Last We Have Very Few Football Academy In INDIA.And These Academy Are Only In Big Cities.Sometimes I think There Are Educational Academy In Every Cities Of India But Why Not Football Academy.

We Are 1.28 Billion But We Only Need 16 Players To Represent Our Nation.And We Are Unable To Find Those 16 Players.And Uruguay Population Is Only 3.4 Million And They Are One Of The Best Team In Football And Uruguay Is Ranked 18th And We Are 147th…..And Now Spot The Difference In Population.